Great design is no longer a luxury and innovation is no longer an option. We've found that while many organizations know what they need to do, most need help implementing it. Our award-winning team of design thinking experts help you create the best opportunities and to turn them into realities.

Craft the experience
Customer challenge: new business models
The digital era offers opportunities and the need to re-imagine your business model. How to get started and not run behind? How to humanize an intelligent enterprise?

How we help you
Rethink business models and take action. We help to analyze your customer needs and identify new business opportunities supported by the right technology.


       - New business model decision
       - Digital opportunities in the business model
       - Recommendations on required process, technical capabilities,
         and documented transformation plan


Business process innovation
Customer challenge: complex processes
Business processes are too complex to be easily adapted to fast changing markets. How can I simplify and become more flexible?

How we help you
Discover better ways to get things done. We help you to re-imagine and simplify your business processes and co-create the new experience. We help build bridges between your business and IT organization.

     - Shared vision of the new process (e.g. customer experience)
     - Deep understanding of critical organizational challenges
     - Increased collaboration across the organization
     - Accelerated execution phase  


User experience innovation
Customer challenge: low software adoption
Your people and millenial workforce expect current and future business software to be intuitive. How can we better support them in their daily job?

How we help you
Software users always deserve and demand the same high quality experiences: no matter if they enjoy them on private devices or be at work. We analyze the daily tasks of end-users and co-create solutions that enable them to be more productive and impactful in their work.

Increased end user efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction


Foster innovation culture
Customer challenge: less innovation leadership, no innovation culture
Innovation cycles are getting shorter.
How can we better leverage the potential of our people to become more innovative and agile?

How we help you
It‘s not enough to just innovate, organizations need to be innovative. We help to unleash the creative potential of your people to grow a sustainable innovation culture.

    - Grow design thinking competency and culture within the organization
    - Develop people, process, and place