SAP Screen Personas

What is SAP Screen Personas?

SAP Screen Personas allows you to simplify and beautify classic SAP ERP transactions based on your business users' unique needs. You already own the license - it's included with your NetWeaver license - so why not get started now?

Why use SAP Screen Personas?

SAP Screen Personas allows you to create an intuitive experience, like a well-designed mobile app. For your users, this means minimal (or no) training. Less frustration with complex ERP screens means happier colleagues. A simple and intuitive user experience makes people more productive, so your management is happy.

Embrace design-led development, without the development

Imagine taking your users' wish list on how to improve SAP and delivering better screens in days or even hours. This is the power of SAP Screen Personas.

Start with a design thinking workshop to understand the problems you need to solve. Work with the business to prioritize where to start. With SAP Screen Personas, you can deliver a better user experience with the skills typical designers and business analysts already have.

Quickly and easily deliver the SAP Fiori UX

You want the award-winning Fiori experience and you want it now. The SAP Screen Personas Flavor Gallery gives you everything you need to transform classic SAP GUI screens into beautiful, Fiori-inspired designs.

The SAP Screen Personas Flavor Gallery has templates you can use to ensure you follow the Fiori design standards. It includes Fiori icons in multiple colors and sizes. It has the Fiori themes and quick styles, so creating screens that have the Fiori look and feel is fast and easy. There are also many sample flavors that you can use as a starting point for your own designs.

Match your own corporate designs

If you already have your own brand identity, SAP Screen Personas lets your design team create themes so all your SAP GUI screens can seamlessly blend with your own color palette and other branding elements.

Get started today

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