SAP Design Thinking is our unique approach to finding solutions. When the same team meets in the same place and follows the same process, the chances are they will get the same result. Look at how we take people, process, & place to find real solutions to real problems!   


We are using Design Thinking to gain empathy for our customers and help you realize your future through technology so we can help the world run better and improve people's lives.

SAP SE Chief Executive Officer

SAP Design Thinking Mindset
At the heart of innovation are people. Building a culture of innovation takes collaborative, diverse, & empowered employees who seek empathy for their end-users.
“Discover, Design, Deliver” is the process that gets you to the root of the problem and builds optimism for both problem finding and problem solving.
The environment must facilitate collaboration and encourage risk taking with a 'fail early & fail oftern' mentality.

Design Thinking shapes what's next by viewing the problem through the eyes of the end user. 
Observe, listen, and ask why? Find the “human problems” and fall in love with them. Understanding users is how we make solutions they want and will use.
Bringing together diverse perspectives unlocks potential. Modern challenges are too big and complex for any one person, discipline, or even industry.
Take risks. Be gritty. Learn from failure and adjust. Do it fast, and do it with an encouraging smile. Pessimism paralyzes, but belief in what could be propels us forward.

Discover the end-to-end solution that places you and your team at the root of the problem in order to create real problem-solving solutions.

Give innovation and creativity a home by creating a location where people instinctively have a 'roll up the sleeves' mentality.
SAP AppHaus locations are creative spaces run by a design-minded team where SAP and customers co-innovate jointly in a new way focusing on the real needs of end users.
SAP AppHaus Network is a community of creative space owners following the values and principles of the SAP AppHaus.
We are here to help
Individuals, teems, and even your entire organization can learn all about design thinking and design doing.
Design for Learners
Anyone can learn about design thinking through our free educational for individuals!
Design for Educators
Learn how you can apply design thinking and design doing in your own classrooms! 
Design Thinking Services
We can help you cultivate a culture of innovation.